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Updated 2/12/17

Order beef by calling or emailing Susana and telling her how much you'd like of each cut. Call or email 210-872-7054 or info@elojodeagua.com. We can meet you in San Antonio for a beef handoff with a $100 minimum order, pre-paid by credit card over the phone. We also deliver to Del Rio on a rolling basis; order for Del Rio delivery at any time.



Filet (bacon-wrapped) $35.00/lb (about 6-8 oz each,1 filet per package)

Ribeye $22.00/lb (about 10-12 oz each)

Flank Steak $20.00/lb (about 1 - 2 lb each)

NY Strip $19.00/lb (about 8-12 oz each, 1 steak per package)

T-Bone $19.00/lb (about 1 lb - 2 lbs each, 1 steak per package) (2 available)

Club Steak $19.00/lb (about 16 oz each, 2 steaks per package) (1 pack available)

Bone-in Rib Steak $18.00/ln (average 2 lbs each, range from 1.3 to 2.9 lbs, 1 steak per package)

Skirt Steak $15.00/lb (about 1.5 - 2 lbs each) (5 packs available)

Sirloin $14.00/lb (about 10-16 oz each, 1 steak per package)

Cutlets $8.50/lb (about 6 oz each, 2 cutlets per package)



Chuck Roast $9.00/lb (2.5 lbs - 4.2 lb) (4 available)



Ground Beef $8.00/lb (1-lb packs)

Stew Meat $8.00/lb (1-lb packs)

Brisket $9.00/lb (2 available)

Soup Bones $5.00/lb (2 meaty bone per pack)

Oxtail $10.00/lb (1 available, a couple of pounds)