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More About our Recycled Feed Bag Totes

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We use a lot of feed bags at the ranch.  We ended up throwing away lots of feed bags, but we hated creating so much waste.




So we thought of a great way to recycle the feed bags—we turned them into our line of eco-friendly, colorful "Bolsas!"  Our Bolsas are the original recycled feed-bag totes - we've been doing this since 2008, and chances are that if you've seen feed-bag totes around in the last few years, they were ours.


Our feed-bag totes come in a variety of functional styles - totes, messenger bags, duffel bags, purses, and our versatile bank bag.


adventure-bolsa-large-tote-copy.jpg  small-tote-bolsita.jpg   messenger-bolsa.jpg bank-bolsa-group-shot.jpg 
Adventure Bolsa
(or "Large Tote")
 Bolsita (or "Small Tote")  Messenger Bolsa (or "laptop bag" or
"book bag")
 Bank Bolsa (or "clutch," "money bag,"
"makeup bag," or "pencil bag")


 purse-orange-bird.jpg duffel.purina-layena-blue-smaller.jpg   
 Purse Bolsa

 Duffel Bolsa (or "overnight bag" or
"weekend bag")


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Of course, our Bolsas weren’t complete without handles. In creating the handles, we wanted to find another way to reuse material that otherwise would have gone to waste. We then stumbled upon durable scrap fabric from a local seatbelt maquiladora (factory) and thought those would make perfect handles and straps.


We create our Bolsas using only local labor in Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico and take pride in helping to provide jobs in our community.

Every Bolsa you buy means fewer feed bags that go into a landfill or get burned. So go ahead and feel good about it – and buy lots of them!  You’re helping us save the planet one Bolsa at a time.