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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How soon will you ship my order?

A:  We will ship your order within 4 business days of your order.  We usually ship FedEx Ground/Home or USPS Priority Mail, and delivery times will vary by delivery location.  Please take that into consideration when you place your order if you are in a rush.


Q:  I want a bag that I don't see on your website.  Do you have a bag like that?

A:  As a general rule, what you see on the website is what we have available.  If you have a specific request and you don't see it online, contact us to inquire what other feed-sack bags we have available.  It may be available soon, and if so, we'll let you know.


Q: If I send you my special sacks, will you make me a Bolsa?

A: No, and at this time, we are well stocked with sacks and don't need any more. But thank you very much for wanting to re-purpose your sacks and best of luck finding a happy home or use for them.


Q: What does “ojo de agua” mean?

A: Literally translated from the Spanish, “ojo de agua” means “eye of water.” Used in this way, as a place name, it means “spring.” Our ranch is named after a spring that provided water to ranch headquarters in the old days.


Q: What are Bolsas made out of?

A: Bolsas are made from polypropylene feed sacks, cat food bags, dog food bags, and bird seed bags. They are re-used feed sacks, meaning they’ve all been used before. We don’t get any of them new from the feed companies.


Q: Can I get a Bolsa with my child/dog/bike on it?

A: No. Bolsas are made from re-used feed sacks, so we don’t have any control over the pictures on the sacks. This is how they come from the feed companies, and we pride ourselves on re-using this material.


Q: What do you put on the bags to make them look like that, and how do you make them so shiny?

A: We don’t put anything on them. They come like that. They’re made from re-used feed sacks, and they’re already shiny when we get them. We can only make Bolsas out of the shiny poly kind of feed sacks, not paper. These aren’t paper sacks that we’ve shellacked. I promise.


Q: How did you start making Bolsas?

A: We use a lot of feed sacks at our ranch, especially to feed deer, cattle, and horses. So we ended up with a lot of empty feed sacks that we hated throwing away. The poly material is sturdy, water-resistant, and often the bags are beautiful. So we started making our Bolsas as a fun way to re-use (or “upcycle”) this material. Our family has always tried to live a “green,” eco-friendly lifestyle, and this struck us as a great way to help out.


Q: Where are the Bolsas made?

A: Our Bolsas are expertly crafted at a sewing shop in Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico, where our ranch is located. We take pride in using only local labor to create the bags and helping create jobs in our community.


Q: What are the straps made out of?

A: The straps are made out of sturdy seatbelt fabric from local factories in Acuña. The fabric comes from the ends of the large roles of seatbelt fabric and wouldn’t have been usable for its original purpose, so it’s another great way for us to keep useful material out of the landfill.


Q: What does the patch mean?

A: On our patch, you’ll see the letters M-C, with a half-moon symbol underneath. This is our ranch’s brand, which we use to brand our cattle and horses. M-C originally stood for my great-grandmother Margarita Canseco’s initials. When my father Memo Canseco took over the ranch, it made sense to keep using it, because of their shared initials.


Q: Where do you get all the feed sacks?

A: When we started our business, we used feed sacks that we used on our ranch. As our business has grown, we’ve expanded our feed sack-sourcing network to include neighboring ranches, friends, customers, and our retailers.