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Beef Reviews

WOW! Just WOW. I was at the Sunday Farmers Market at Whole Foods and picked up a couple of sirloins. Without a doubt, some of the best steaks I ever had. So much more tender than I would expect a sirloin to be. Flavorful, clean smelling, and just downright DELICIOUS! I WILL be coming back to the market to try the other cuts. Nice work!  (J. Parker, 1/7/2013)



Great Service and Delicious Products! By: Ivone Bukowski    (Apr 18, 2012)
I am very thankful and pleased that this ranch offers their grass-fed beef to our area. We have nothing like this for sale availabe in our community. Their beef is delicious and of great quality, as well as their customer service. My family and I are trying to be more aware of what we eat and we are trying to make sure it's healthy, etc. Rancho Ojo de Agua helps out a great deal in this respect. I highly recommend them.


Amazing Beef! By: Parke Smith    (Apr 22, 2012)

We recently started buying from Rancho Ojo de Agua and were not disappointed. The beef has a robust flavor that only comes from grass fed animals, and amazingly it remains tender and delicious!


Delicious!  (Feb 22, 2012)
I live in Austin and met Kim Canseco when our children started the same school last fall. I am from CT, so meeting a rancher of grass-fed beef was pretty cool for me.

Kim very kindly brought some beef for my family to try on one of her trips from the ranch to Austin. WOW! We are not big beef eaters but we do like to eat great quality food. In the last 6 months we have tried NY strip steaks, flank steaks and ground beef. All very flavorful and juicy. It's important to cook grass-fed beef carefully, and Susanna provides you with easy, simple instructions.

I try to keep some of their beef in my freezer at all times. When I ran out recently I bought grass-fed beef at Whole Foods and even my children could tell it was not as good!



Amazing, flavorful beef! (Jan 23, 2012)
I have tried several local grass-fed beef suppliers and Rancho Ojo de Agua is by far the best. They have several locations to choose from (Farmer's Markets as well as an office) and their customer service is outstanding. Now let's talk about flavor! We have tried many different cuts as well as the ground beef. My husband (who is admittedly not super skilled on the grill ) says that he really doesn't even have to season very much (a touch of salt and pepper), it grills up beautifully, and just melts in your mouth. I have had great success with the different roast cuts in my crockpot-- the flavor is divine and all 3 of my super picky kids love it. I highly recommend this supplier.