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Beef Delivery

Delivery Coming Up!


Del Rio grass-fed beef delivery August 27 - 28. 


Del Rio customers can also order Peeler Farms pasture-raised chicken and all-natural goat from Hilltop Place Ranch.  Chicken and goat options are just for Del Rio customers.


For Del Rio orders, I would appreciate a minimum order of $25.00.


Deadlines to order:


  • For chicken breast, leg quarters, or wings, order by Sunday, 7/19 (so that the birds can be processed in time).
  • For whole chickens, place your orders by Friday, 7/24, at 5:00 pm.
  • Order goat and beef by Saturday, 7/25.


Click here to see our grass-fed beef pricelist.

Click here to see Hilltop Place Farm's goat pricelist.  


Chicken pricelist

  • Whole Chickens:  $4.80/lb
  • Leg quarters:  $6.60/lb
  • Wings:  $5.40/lb
  • Breasts (boneless & skinless):  $8.40/lb