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About Us



Our family has always had “green” tinge, which is why we started making our recycled feed sack Bolsas







  • Because we care about our animals, we also produce all-natural, hormone-and-antibiotic-free beef.
  • Rancho Ojo de Agua has been in our family for over 150 years, and we’ve spent the last 40 years refining our herd to produce the highest-quality, best-tasting beef. 
  • We breed our own Hereford bulls to ensure integrity of the bloodlines, with a measured inclusion of Angus and Continental (Charolais) for hybrid vigor.  Check out photo albums of our free-range cattle.
  • Our calves are born at Rancho Ojo de Agua, where they spend their youths in large pastures with their mothers until weaning. 
  • After weaning, we bring our calves to Texas, where they spend the rest of their lives eating only grass and native range.
  • Our grass-fed steers enjoy pasture in Devine, Texas, and we're Go Texan certified to show our Texas pride!  Our cattle are never confined to a feedlot, have not been implanted with growth hormones, and are never fed corn or subtherapeutic antibiotics. 
  • We get our beef processed in Uvalde, Texas, at a family-run, TDA-inspected facility, where it dry-ages for two weeks to enhance flavor and tenderness before being expertly processed.

We love providing our customers with delicious, natural, grass-fed beef from happy cattle!


Hunting, Fishing, and Adventure Trips

Lake Amistad is a world-renowned adventure tourism and bass-fishing destination. At our Chuparrosa location, we are proud to offer the only private accommodation situated directly on the lake.  Although located only an hour from Del Rio, La Chuparrosa feels refreshingly peaceful and remote, ensuring a relaxing getaway.